About us

My first ice cream.

Welcome to MiTribe Wellness!

A virtual health and wellness community, where you can learn about different therapies and talk to like-minded people. Help clients open to new age, mainstream, and old world healing therapies. Find trusted practitioners from across different modalities. We know there are many ways to walk the path to wellness. We invite you to join us and open up to the discoveries on your healing journey.

Are You A Health and Wellness Practitioner?

MiTribe Wellness is your opportunity to showcase your services and access an engaged client base. Link your profile to your own homepage and use it as your booking system, or cut out the middleman and use this as your primary site to attract like-minded clients. Whatever you decide, how you use it is up to you. Choose your own availability and rates, for a truly flexible experience. Setting up your health and wellness practice just became simpler than ever.

Looking For Health and Wellness Services?

With so much of what we do and buy going online, it makes sense that you would want digital access to your health and wellness professional. With a huge database onhand and a simple, streamlined access panel, you’ll find the right service provider for you in next-to-no time. And, really, isn’t that kind of access what matters most when you need to speak to a professional fast?

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